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Global Crisis or Global Collusion?

Jan (not real name) asked me this question today: “Who do you trust?” Then answered for me “nobody?” That’s right, nobody

Here are some developments that seem really fishy to me:

1. Government Commercial Paper Funding Facility (CPFF)  – Isn’t that just another phrase for “new bonds exchange?” (aka “debt grab”)

2. Governments taking control of banks and bad debt (aka “money and land grab”).

3. Governments funding public corporations. (aka – “stock grab”)

4. Goverments “collaborating” on a global economic crisis. (aka – “tax grab”)

All of this power mongering is scaring the masses (me included). I keep thinking “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Is it just me, or does anyone else see the only entities with power to command armies (i.e. governments) making coordinated efforts to control more of everything?  

But why?  My best guess is that we are seeing the implementation of a new world order. It is framed as the cost of avoiding economic chaos, but it feels like consumers (me included) are getting a new, stronger master.

Last thought – the timing of economic distress and wars (the former precedes the latter). Hitler rose from such an environment. WWII is considered by some to have ended the Great Depression. So when Senator Obama mentioned his intention (if elected) to double the “peace corps,” I coughed at the thought.  Furthermore, from the perspective of calloused administrators (the ones who refer to human life as “collateral” [on loan from whom, is uncertain]) if the economy is failing and men (5:1 vs. women) are voluntarily killing themselves (see earlier post), then why not put those lives to good use by employing them in warfare?

p.s. Here is Bernanke’s speech, the one wherein he affirms my six-point explanation that corporations took advantage of the government *(paragraph 6: there were… “problems arising from the conflict between shareholders’ objectives and the government’s goals…”)

, an article by Nassim Nicholas Taleb wherein he refers to his now prophetic 2006 review of Fannie Mae and compares FNMA’s risks to a “barrel of dynamite.” The tableau he shares in the article is printed and pinned to my wall. I love it! is not a registered securities broker-dealer or investment advisor with the SEC or any other securities, derivatives or futures regulatory authority. The author has been generally and regularly publishing anecdotal, informational and entertaining financial information under his full name since 1/01/07 and has been publishing at this site ( since August 22, 2008. As such, he and his web entities qualify as a "bona fide financial publication of general and regular circulation." He therefore relies upon an exemption from the registration requirements under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended (the "Advisers Act") provided for in Section 202(a)(11)(D). He is not responsible for trades or the choice to hold positions indefinitely or the choice to delay trades by subscribers to the services based on the information included in the website and any other publications. Furthermore, the publications and the information contained herein do not represent individual investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell or hold or hedge or in any way act or suspend action upon securities or any financial instruments nor are they intended as an endorsement of any security, strategy, financial instrument or investment. In addition, the publications do not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities or individualized investment advice. These publications are intended to be enjoyed solely by sophisticated financial professionals. Any information contained in the publications or web site represents opinions of the authors, and should not be construed as personalized investment advice. All opinions expressed or implied, and information and data provided therein are subject to change without notice. Any author and/or commentator and/or affiliate may have positions in, and may, from time-to-time make purchases or sales of the securities discussed or mentioned in the publications. Based on FluidityTheme Redesigned by Kaushal Sheth Sponsored by Send Flowers